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Zac Harmon 'Right Man Right Now' Release on Blind Pig Records [REVIEW]

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Sep 21, 2015 06:14 PM EDT | Mike Greenblatt (

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Zac Harmon is on the prowl as he tells the pretty young things about his new 'Right Man Right Now' CD (Photo : Courtesy Blind Pig Records)

In Zac Harmon's case, the little girls (at least as the song goes) understand. He's certainly not Mr. Right but he is Mr. Right Now and he wants to seduce your daughter...or your wife. Danger, ever since Jerry Lee Lewis, has always been implicit in the best rock'n'roll and when it comes to the Zac man, he will rock and roll all over you, mister, and you will like it. I sure do.  Technically, he's a blues man but on Right Man Right Now, released on Blind Pig Records, he throws categories to the four winds and lets 'em blow.

Who else gonna sing about that "Hump In Your Back"? And when he actually improves upon John Lee Hooker's "I'm Bad Like Jesse James," he leaves you panting and wanting more. "Raising Hell" should be the stand out single. It features blues hotshots Lucky Peterson and Anson Funderburgh for a mini super-session of sorts. However, it's all about the horns when that trumpet and saxophone get to blowin'.

This is a party. Zac's your host. He's a man of wealth and taste. He's been around for a long, long time, writing, singing, playing guitar and a bit of organ. He came out of Mississippi where the wild things grow, where Elmore James came to prominence, where his dad was the local pharmacist and from whom Muddy Waters picked up his meds. His next door neighbor hosted Cab Calloway at house parties. Zac was 16 when he started gigging. At 21, he moved to Hollywood, producing Freddie Jackson, The O'Jays and reggae's Black Uhuru.

In 2003, he finally became a full-fledged bluesman with a live debut and, two years later, a studio debut. His stinging of that ax drew comparisons to Luther Allison and he toured the globe, including playing for U.S. soldiers in Iraq in 2008. A year later, he released From The Root and a year after that he was back in L.A. starring in the film Black and Blue.

Right Man Right Now is his first all-new studio session since 2012's Music Is Medicine and he's taken a few licks right out of the Buddy Guy handbook. His shows are theatrical extravaganzas and he still stings it with the best of them. This might be his best yet.

New Jersey Stage

Zac Harmon opens his Right Man Right Now (Blind Pig Records) CD with “Raising Hell.” Along with angelic singing the first song features fiery guitar leads from Harmon, thus setting the high standard for the next 10 tracks. Zac is supported by a talented team who play down and dirty blues paired with contemporary clean production. In “Long Live The Blues” Harmon laments that rock music stole from the genre yet counters it with a lively refrain declaring that “the blues is here to stay.” Zac’s version of John Lee Hooker’s “I’m Bad Like Jesse James” could be a modern day gangster story told in a deep, smooth yet sinister voice. The title says it all-Zac Harmon is the Right Man Right Now.

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Zac Harmon Funks Up The Blues In His Latest Video


Zac Harmon, Right Man Right Now, blues, Long Live The BluesPhoto By Darren Carroll


When Zac Harmon sings, “Long, long live the blues,” supported by one of the funkiest, foot-stompin’ melody lines you’ve ever heard, you can’t help but get caught up. With his smooth voice and stinging guitar, Harmon’s newest track, “Long Live The Blues,” could keep the blues alive single-handedly.

The song’s video, a thrillingly shot live performance that captures the fiery fingers and unmistakable style of Harmon–and his band–up close, accentuates the song’s propulsive energy. Watch the video below, then look for the song’s parent album, Right Man Right Now (released on August 28 on Blind Pig), and find Harmon on tour.

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Blind Pig Records Artist: Zac Harmon - Right Man Right Now - Review


I just received the newest release (August 28, 2015) Right Man Right Now, from Zac Harmon and it's squeezing hot. Opening with Raising Hell, a R&B flavored blues track with strong blues guitar riffs from Anson Funderburgh and Lucky Peterson on organ, this is a great opener. Ball and Chain has a slinky feel with two ongoing guitar lines, one clean and one slide, over nice keyboard work, a thumping bass line and smooth vocals compliments of Harmon. This cool funky track has a really nice groove with a lot of small instrumental components that together make up a really cool track. High stepping Hump In Your Back features Bobby Rush on second vocal and harp and an ultra cool guitar line pumped along by Buthel on bass and tight drumming from Cedric Goodman. Harmon lays out a real nice guitar solo of his own on this track punched up by Les Kepics on trumpet and Chuck Phillips on sax. Very cool! Slow and easy, Texas style, Stand Your Ground is a terrific blues track really giving Harmon a chance to show off his best vocal traits. Peterson is back on organ setting up the swat and Harmon plays stinging riff after stinging riff with a nice nod to Albert King. Super! Title track, Right Man Right Now, has a nice bass groove and and ongoing tasty guitar riffs including one repetitive zinger that keeps you on your toes. This is a real slick track featuring Mike Finnigan on keys and Harmon carrying the load vocally. Feet Back On The Ground is one of my favorite tracks on the release with it's soulful vocals and stylized guitar work. With it's solid melody, smooth instrumental backing and flavorful guitar work, this could easily carry the release on it's own merit. Excellent! Long Live The Blues has a certain swagger and slashing Albert like guitar riffs. Cedric Goodman finds the cowbell, a not enough used percussive accent giving the track extra bite. Finely blended harmonies on this track also give it a contemporary soul feel. Back Of The Yards is a really hot track with a poppy bass riff from Buthel and great blues riffs from Harmon. Mike Finnigan is back on organ here and Harmon leading the track on vocal just has a really nice feel. John Lee Hooker's I'm Bad Like Jesse James is up next featuring Chef Deni on harp and a spoken word story by Harmon over an easy Hooker guitar riff. Clocking in at over 7 minutes this track sets up to be a really heavy kicker and as it builds momentum it builds tension. Very nice! Funky, Ain't No Big Deal On You, features Mike Finnigan on keys and Harmon really singing in the groove and hitting the guitar riffs just right. Goodman and Buthel keep the bottom tight and this track cruises. Wrapping the release is Good Thing Found, a R&B styled blues number with a pop roll. This is another track that could easily find cross radio play with it's catchy melody, solid vocals and tight instrumentation. Jimmy Z on sax, Chuck Phillips on sax and Les Kepics on trumpet bring up the horns and Harmon just grooves on guitar....great closer!

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Zac's Performance Calendar

  • July 1, 2019
    jazz a Vienne, Vienne
  • July 3, 2019
    Le Duc des Lombards, Paris, FRA
  • July 5, 2019
    Hoorock Festival, Diepenbeek
  • July 6, 2019
    Relache, Bordeaux
  • July 7, 2019
    Cognac Blues Fest, Cognac, FRA

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